26 June 2019

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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The elderly, a diet of baked beans and no space, are just a few common misconceptions that may pop into your mind when thinking of caravan holidays.  But keen caravanners will tell you otherwise.  Caravan holidays can truly be magical, educational and wholly enjoyable. 

Here are Discount Insurance’s top four reasons why you should give a caravan holiday a go this summer!

1.  Home away from home

Packing for a holiday might sound like a piece of cake but we all know the struggle of trying to figure out what things we actually need to take and what things we need to leave at home.

The beauty of a caravan holiday is that you can literally take your home and its comforts with you making the experience more relaxing from the offset.  This is especially good for families with younger children.  

2.    Furry friend 

The thought of leaving your favourite family member behind when going on holiday can be difficult.

A caravan holiday will take away the anxiety of finding a family member, a pet sitter or a boarding organisation to look after your pet. This will also take the strain off your pocket!

After all, your pet deserves a holiday too right?

3.    The price

The cost of a summer holiday aboard can often cost an arm and a leg. The amount spent on flights, accommodation, food and taxis can all very quickly add up especially with a large family!

Hiring a caravan can be very affordable, not only are you saving on flights and accommodation you are also saving on those restaurant bills! Caravanning comes complete with the comforts of home cooking.

And no, you won't be reduced down to a diet of baked beans- most caravans come with an oven and/or a gas stove giving you the freedom to cook what you like.

4. Become one with nature

 In this day and age where people can’t go a short while without some sort of electrical device, a caravan holiday is a perfect time for the family to have a much-needed digital detox.

A caravan holiday will allow you to enjoy those serene walks, appreciate the sound of the tides, explore sights you’ve never seen and most importantly provide an escape from life’s strains and stresses.

A well-planned caravan holiday can truly be a magical and unforgettable experience.

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Zynab Sandhu