29 May 2019

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, May 29, 2019
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With National BBQ week in full swing and the great British weather on our side, what better time to gather friends and family and enjoy delicious mouth-watering chargrilled meat.

Along with the joy BBQ’s provide, comes the risk of accidents. The most common being burns and scalds. According to Home and Leisure Accident Surveillance Systems, an estimated 1,800 people visited A&E in the UK having been involved in barbeque related accidents. (Based on the last time figures were collected, 2002).

Discount Insurance have put together a list of a few do’s and don'ts to help you barbecue safely this summer!


  • Make sure the grill is kept clean, the dirtier it is the more likely flare-ups and fires will start. Just in case this happens, keep a fire extinguisher/ bucket of water or sand nearby. 
  • Choose a safe location with level ground, away from fences; sheds or anything overhanging that can easily catch on fire. 
  • Wear the right clothing- clothes are very easy to catch on fire, so make sure anything dangling from your clothing is kept away from the grill. 


  • Don’t leave the BBQ unattended, especially around young kids or pets! 
  • Don’t light or use a barbeque in small confined spaces or inside your property or on a balcony. 
  • Don’t try to move the BBQ after cooking- they can stay hot for up to an hour after, make sure it is fully cool before attempting to move it. 

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Zynab Sandhu