07 February 2018

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, February 07, 2018
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When searching for accommodation, tenant’s first points of contact with properties are always the pictures. Most online marketplaces highlight your pictures above all else, search results with unattractive photos are scrolled past, so it is important that your pictures effectively hook guests into clicking on your listing.

But sometimes getting professional photos just isn’t possible. For those doing their own pictures, here’s how to get those perfect pictures:

  • Clean up everything

Your pictures are meant to invite and entice guests to stay at your listing but clutter and disorganization will do the opposite. By presenting a spotless and well-organized space, you show potential guests that they will not have to worry about a thing if they stay with you, and that the space will be ready and livable for them.

  • Finish Decoration & Maintenance work

Unfinished paint-jobs, stained walls and ripped up floorboards are a big no-no. Pictures of a property with work being done will scare tenants off as they will worry the work won’t be done in time for their move-in date.

  • Use light to your advantage

When photographing your space, make sure you get as much light in the space as possible. Well-lit spaces seem bigger and are more inviting and open, thus encouraging guests to book your property. Make sure to open the blinds, turn on the lights, and photograph in the sunny daytime hours to get as much light as possible.

  • Preparing and Staging

The aim isn’t to capture your property as it is, it’s to represent the home it can become for a tenant. Before you take a photo:
-          Tidy and declutter. It sounds obvious, but it’s essential and should happen first.
-          Touch up and repair. If you have tidying problems you’ve been putting off, get them finished. People will notice.
-          Nothing emphasises cleanliness more than a shiny surface.
-          Add props. Fresh flowers, a dining table laid out for a dinner party or wine glasses and a nice bottle on the terrace all help to convey a lifestyle.
-          Clear the area. It might be tempting to feature a person (or a pet) for perspective. Don’t, you want tenants to see themselves, not a stranger, in the property.

  •  Cater to your target customer

Know who is best suited for your space and feature the parts of your listing that are most important to them. For example, if your property is ideal for businesspeople, show your workplace or printer. If you target families, show that the space is safe and include pictures of games and children’s books that you have there.

  • Keep it honest

No matter what, the most important thing to do is remain honest. Hosting successfully is all about managing your guests’ expectations, so if they see things in the pictures that are not actually there, then they will definitely be disappointed. Instead, make sure to present your space honestly and meet (or even surpass) your guests expectations.

  • Highlight the cool stuff

While you definitely want to cover the basics (bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms), make sure to showcase the aspects of your property that give it personality. Unique artwork or special features should definitely be shown off, and can help you present your property as a fun and interesting place to stay.

  • Use a good quality camera

Phone cameras are now very advanced, but if you can get your hands on a good camera, then do. The more pixels a camera has, the larger the photos it can take without becoming pixelated. Larger photos make rooms seem larger, so are worth getting if you can!

  • The lead photo is the most important

The lead photo is one that will display on the search page before a tenant even decides to click on your property. It has to be the best picture you have in order to entice them to click through and read more.
You should choose either a picture of the most attractive interior room of the property because without a great lead picture, tenants won’t bother to click through to your advert, resulting in fewer inquiries.

  • What to snap

Now it’s time to think about those details that will attract your market. These could include:
-          Storage areas. Families and busy professionals value large or well-placed storage.
-          Period features. If your property has a beautiful fireplace or original plasterwork, show it off.
-          Gardens, balconies and terraces are living space too, don’t neglect them.
-          Nearby amenities. A park or attractive street can add lifestyle appeal and should form part of your listing.

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