04 January 2018

Posted by Discount Insurance on Thursday, January 04, 2018
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As the year starts many people begin thinking about making changes to their lives, making New Years Resolutions and very often think about upgrading the decor of their properties. 

The image sharing site Pinterest has unveiled its annual report, the Pinterest 100, which forecasts the global trends for the year to come. 

The trend report reveals 100 of the top trends predicted for the year, inspiring people on everything from fashion and interior design, to food and travel.

The report is conducted by analysing what Pinterest users are searching for and saving around the world across a range of categories using this method, the site can predict upcoming, mainstream trends.

Pinterest has a strong community of 200m users, they believe that its trend predictions are here to stay and are not simply a temporary hot trend of the month including the home category, which generates over 14 billion ideas and has had a 75% increase in pins year after year.

Here are the top ten home trends for 2018 from the Pinterest 100 that landlords can consider to appeal to stylish renters:

1. Resort-inspired style
On the popularity rise are spa-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture, which bring a vacation vibe to the property. Saves for ‘spa bathrooms’ are up 269%.

2. Metallics
Metallics go great with a lot of colours, and mixing different finishes together gives a stylish edge to the property. Instead of purchasing a simple white microwave or kettle, why not provide a metallic version for a more modern look? Saves for mixed metals are up 423%.

3. Hello, terrazzo.
Terrazzo was a very popular flooring choice in the 70s, but it’s been forgotten since until now! It’s been used on ceilings, entryways and everything in between, with the saves up 316%.

4.The fifth wall
Statement walls have been in fashion for years, however this trend is all about transforming your ceiling with bold paint, wallpaper or intricate texture. The saves are up 310%.

5. Beautiful for the bone
Bone inlaid tiles are set to be popular this year with saves for bone inlay up 207%.

6. Herringbone patterns
You can easily add an extra dimension to your walls with grey tiles in herringbone patterns for a modern twist. Saves have soared by 131%.

7. Statement doors
White doors are boring, a colourful front door, or friendly message on a mat is the new way to make a property welcoming! The saves for colourful doors are up 121%.

8. Patterned plants
Plants make a property feel homely and this year its all about multiple coloured plants and patents. Saves for pattered plants have jumped 533%!

9. Big wall art
Don’t leave the walls blanks in 2018, whether it’s a large poster, work of art or photography print saves for big wall art are up by a whooping 637%!

10. Sage
Use natural sage tones to soften your property’s rooms, perhaps the living room or the bedroom. Sage is the new magnolia with saves for it increasing by 170%.

If you are looking to spruce up your property why not use these trends for some inspiration!

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