17 January 2018

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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If your New Year’s Resolutions includes finally decorating your home, but you don’t want to leave a dent in your wallet, there are many ways you can improve the look of your home without spending thousands of pounds! We have compiled our favourite ways to improve your home on a budget in 2018.

The Kitchen

A fresh kitchen can completely change the look of your property; however the cost of installing a new kitchen might put you off the idea.

It doesn’t need to be expensive however, simply paint your cabinets to give them a fresh look! Add to that new cabinet handles and you have a new kitchen. You can get two litres of kitchen cupboard and cabinet paint in B&Q for just £37. There are companies that make modern handles which will even fit IKEA cabinets, but you can easily get these in any home store.

If you are also not a fan of your tiles, you can give those a coat of paint like this one to match your brand new cabinets! 

If you have a bit more money, we do suggest investing in a new worktop. Something simple like laminate is generally the cheapest but can easily transform your kitchen. 

The Living Room

The living room space is probably one of the most important in your home, to improve it on a budget consider painting it or creating a feature wall.

If you are short on space why not install alcove shelving? You can make a stylish display using these, or turn it into a mini library. Depending on the type of shelves you go for these can look very stylish.

If you have a wooden floor, invest in a pretty rug to make the space feel more homely and snug. If you already have a carpet, how about curtains? Changing your lights or purchasing a floor or side lamp is also a way of making the room more cosy.

Consider restoring your old sofas rather than purchasing them new as most fabric sofas can be upholstered.


When wanting to give your bathroom a breath of fresh air you don’t have to be limited to painting the walls and purchasing a new mirror and a laundry basket.

You can purchase a bath resurfacing kit for just £69.50 that lets you give your bath a new lease of life and is available in 48 colours. When painting the bath, also consider painting the sink. Consider 
changing the faucets at the same time to make the bathroom look more modern.

Again, using paint you can change the look of your tiles and floor.

An easy way to refresh your bedroom can be as simple as adding a mirror or a picture, purchasing a rug or a new duvet set and some pillows!

You can replace old drawer handles and pulls with more decorative ones. If you have a simple bed, you can upgrade it by mounting a headboard onto the wall.

Dressing up your windows with curtains or purchasing a plant can also do wonders for the space.

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