23 August 2017

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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With September quickly approaching, we have been busy creating a list of top tips for all you first year university students to help you on your way of moving out this September. Here is our top 6 tips:

       1. Decide if you want to move out alone, with friends or with strangers
If any of your friends decide on the same university it might be tempting to move in together, however, if that is the case ensure you establish some house rules so you don’t lose a friend over unwashed dishes or their share of the bills. Whether moving in with a friend or strangers ensure you have some ground rules for things such as cleaning, bills, visitors, common spaces, food and cooking.

       2. Check the location
Make sure you know the area you are moving into, including travel times! Make sure you also consider things such as broadband speeds when deciding on the property. When 5 people are sharing a property having more speed and bandwidth is essential, whether for your assignments or Netflix. Some areas also have a lot of cheap takeaways, which might come in useful or the property might be close to bars and clubs, which can be a good or a bad thing!

       3. Make sure you have everything you need to live on your own
Ensure you have a checklist of all the things you need for your accommodation like duvet covers, towels, pillows etc. There are online checklists you can use to help you. Make sure you also create a list of things you will need for your course like notebooks and pens.

       4. Make a budget
Make sure you think about all the costs involved in moving out and write up a budget for the things you need. Once you move in ensure you have a separate budget for living costs including rent, bills, travel and groceries. A budget for all the household items can be good if you are sharing, to make sure everyone is contributing equally.

       5. Carefully inspect the property you want to move into
If you are moving into rented accommodation ensure you ask a lot of questions and take photos, this will ensure no nasty surprises when you move in. You might want to ask one of your parents to inspect the property with you.

       6. Remember you can always ask for help
It can be a daunting experience to move out of your home for the first time, but do not feel like it’s embarrassing to ask for help. Check out what student services your university offers and speak to family and friends if in doubt!

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