26 July 2017

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Home maintenance
A certain level of home maintenance is expected by insurers, if your property isn't kept in a reasonable state, future claims may be denied. Weather damage is usually only covered if it's severe, such as due to violent storms or flooding.

Building work
When you are having builders at your property, ensure you let your insurer know, as any accidental damage might not be covered if you don’t. This can temporarily increase your premium as there is more risk of accidental damage like burst pipes. Any work, which will alter the size or shape of your property will also impact any future claims and can make your claim invalid.

Locks on windows and doors
When purchasing your policy ensure you let your insurer know the correct type of locks you have because, if you provide wrong information then your claim might become invalid. If you leave the windows open or your key in your door, your burglary claim might also be invalid due to no signs of forced entry.

Social Media
If you announce on social media that you are going away, your insurer might not pay out a burglary claim. Insurers are looking at things like Facebook or Twitter more often and this can be seen as negligence. 

Extended holidays
If you are going away for an extended period of time, especially over a period of 30 days you need to either inform your insurer so they can adjust the premium accordingly or you should consider getting a house sitter. When it comes to a claim your insurer is unlikely to pay out if you are not in the house for an extended period. 

Lodgers and short term lets
Even if you are only renting a room out for a couple of weeks, you need to let your insurer know. If a tenant causes any damage and your insurer was not aware you had someone living with you, they could reject the claim.

Flood damage
While cleaning up after flood damage, ensure you do not get rid of anything an insurance assessor would need to see to provide evidence for your claim.

If you tell your insurer that you have an alarm, ensure you turn it on when you leave your property. If you don’t and your property gets burgled you will not be eligible to claim.

Telling the police
In case of burglary you need to let the police know within 24 hours to obtain a crime reference number, which you can provide to the insurer. If you do not do this, your claim may be invalid.

Working from home
Insurers need to know if you are working from home, especially if your occupation is considered a ‘risk’ like carpentry or cooking. If you work from home, a higher level of visitors is therefore assumed a higher risk of theft and other associated claims.

Failure to secure valuables in your garden
Ensure you know which valuables likely to be in your garden in hot weather are insured or extend your policy to include those. Secure any valuables in sheds or garages when you’re not around.

Securing tools
If any tools are left outside like hammers, ladders or wrenches and they are used to break into your home, your insurer can see this as negligence and therefore this can invalidate your claim.

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