21 June 2017

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we have been busy compiling a list of essential travel tips. 

As we often get so excited to take some time off work and jet off somewhere nice, it might be hard to stay organised. 

So here is a list of tips to make travelling a breeze this summer:

  1. Make a list of things you cannot forget to take about a week before going away. This helps ensuring you actually don’t forget them.
  2. Ensure you learn at least a couple of words in the local language like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I am sorry’ as it can really go a long way with the locals.
  3.  Make photocopies of important documents and keep them separate, so in case you lose your passport you’ll have a copy and might be able to still travel.
  4.  Ensure you take spare batteries for your camera, so you don’t get caught out wanting to take an amazing sunset photo and realise you have no back ups.
  5.  Put a pair of underwear, spare clothes, electronics, medication and toothbrush in your carry on. You never know what can happen and if your main luggage gets lost you will at least have some spare clothes; a bikini is also a good idea if you’re going on a beach holiday!
  6. Alert your bank that you will be travelling, this might seem obvious but you don’t want to get caught out with a blocked card abroad when you need money.
  7.  Don’t plan every single minute of your holiday, sometimes the best adventures are spontaneous!
  8. Let someone at home know your plans, this is extremely important when travelling solo, but its still a good idea no matter how many people you are travelling with.
  9. Take a first aid travel kit, include things like painkillers, bandages, cold medicines, stomach ache relief, diarrhea and allergy medication.
  10. Take loads of photos, as they can often be the best souvenir.

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