24 May 2017

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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As summer approaches, many of us will have turned our attention to planning our holidays and you may not have to go far to experience one of Europe’s top destinations!

Leeds has earned its spot among the top 10 places to visit in Europe and has featured in Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2017 list.

The city has undergone a transformation over the past decade with urban regeneration and a flourishing cultural scene helping to cultivate an esteemed reputation for Leeds.

Leeds features at number 5 and below is the full list:

1       1. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb can often be overlooked by travellers with many favouring the Adriatic coastline but this capital city is cosmopolitan and edgy while also benefitting from warm, sunny weather.

A long awaited terminal building was opened earlier this year in March and offers a number of new flight routes, making Zagreb easier and cheaper to reach than ever.

2       2. Gotland, Sweden

Gotland offers the most sunshine and highest density of historical sites than any other city in Sweden.

The Baltic island has something for everyone, with enchanting forests and awe-striking scenery as well as serene sandy beaches! In June Gotland will host the 2017 Biennial Island Games, adding to the atmosphere of this unique place. 

1       3. Galicia, Spain

Galicia is an autonomous community in the northwest of Spain and has its own language and history. The area features over 1000 kilometres of coast, hundreds of beaches, sheer cliffs, and idyllic fishing villages.

Cambados is the European City of Wine in 2017 so why not take a trip to experience the real flavours of Galicia?

2       4. Northern Montenegro

While Kotor Bay may be gaining quite a reputation for being a stunning place to visit, Northern Montenegro is still a little bit of a secret.

Visit the north of the country and raft through Europe’s deepest canyon, Tara, or cycle through breath-taking landscapes before indulging in traditional hearty meals.

Those interested in history can visit monasteries which have been etched into cliff faces at Ostrog. 

1       5. Leeds, UK

Leeds has reinvented itself as a city for craft beer lovers, a blossoming arts hub and an exciting destination for night owls.

The city has leapt in to the 21st century with stylish boutiques, coffee houses and restaurants popping up quickly.

2       6. Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo is home to many Unesco World Heritage sites and many hidden wonders including a magnificent Roman temple and a chapel made of bones!

The vineyards, ancient village centres and rich cuisine rank among the best in the country and have been relatively unnoticed on the tourist radar despite being easily accessible from Lisbon. 

1       7. Northern Germany

Northern Germany offers a windswept environment with shimmering beaches and small, inviting islands – perfect for anyone wanting a natural adventure.

The northern cities of Lübeck and Bremen are just a train ride away from places such as Luherstadt Wittenberg and Eisenach.

2       8. Moldova

Moldova will be host to ExpoVin and the Black Sea Wines & Spirits Competition this year as its local wine continues to rise to acclaim. 

1       9. Pafos, Cyprus

Pafos is the European Capital of Culture for 2017 and boasts numerous monuments and fragments of history that tell the tale of a fascinating bygone era.

2      10. Le Havre, France

The harbour town of Le Havre will be celebrating its 500h anniversary this summer with an art and music filled fête which will last five months!

Concerts, outdoor art installations, costumed dance parties and spectacular fireworks will all be a part of the celebrations.

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