28 September 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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There are millions of small businesses out there serving a wide variety of niche markets. If you can think of it, there’s probably someone who’s making profit from it.

These are eight companies who prove that you can be successful running any type of business.

Potato Parcel

If you have a hard time sending post cards to family members or getting your message across to someone, you can deliver it in the form of a Potato Parcel.

Customers can compose ‘all kinds of fun messages’ in 15 words, including those with more colourful language but they will censor message that have hateful, harmful or threatening content.

The leftover sock saver

Doing laundry is a difficult task for many. Throx customers fight the infamous ‘sock monster’ by selling socks in threes, not pairs. That way, when you lose one, you’ve still got a backup sock to keep the other company, so you can keep wearing your favourite pair and doing your laundry worry-free.

An organization for cuddling

Everyone likes a good cuddle, but what if you don’t have the option of an embracing partner?

Cuddle Party is a ‘playful social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries, and affection.’ Cuddling with strangers may sound like a strange concept, but there’s value in their mission to teach boundaries, consent, affection, communication and non-sexual touch.

Furniture for slobs

Slobproof, is a furniture and design company that builds custom chairs, sofas and ottomans with specially engineered fabric that withstands spills and other messes without staining. Debbie Wiener, the company’s founder and CEO said her design style marries the, “common sense of a Jewish mother with the muscle of a professional wrestler.”

Wedding Wagon

Need to get married quickly on a budget? The Wedding Wagon is a unique mobile company founded in Las Vegas that provides a full wedding ceremony out of the back of a van for just $129. Customers can choose when and where they want to get married and the wedding wagon will meet you there with a minister, a witness and a fully decked out mobile chapel.

Fantasy dating game

This dating website is like a grown-up version of “Truth or Dare”, and its way more interesting than a run-of-the-mill date.

Fantasy Dating Game allows single women to earn points by flirting with guys at Starbucks, slipping their number to cute bartenders and going on actual dates. The site’s creator Suzanne Casamento said her site empowers women to take charge of their own love lives and gain confidence through dating.

Mystery marketplace

SomethingStore is a revolutionary company bringing costumers who love surprises the opportunity to purchase a brand new mystery item, or a ‘something’. According to the company’s website, “your ‘something’ may be a cool shiny gadget, rare book, party game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, box of gourmet chocolates, and so on.

Anonymous delivery for smelly friends

MyFriendSmells.com specialises in helping those looking for ways to tell a friend that they should take better care of their hygiene. According to the website, “Everyone has a stinky friend. A classmate, co-worker, boss, sibling or other stank suspect. Those days of smelliness are over – here is your chance to tell them what’s up.”

The company promise total anonymity and says there is nothing the recipient can do to link the package back to you, and that each package comes with a short note that is not mean and does not contain profanity.

Our Commercial Property Insurance supports a wide range of businesses. So whether you’re in the business of stranger cuddling or potato post, call us for a quote on 0800 294 4522 today!

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