20 July 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, July 20, 2016
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Virtual house hunting from the comfort of your sofa might be a reality sooner than we expected.

In the near future house-hunting could be less time-consuming because of virtual reality technology.

Agents now have a new tool to help them market a property as buyers will be able to simply strap on a head mounted display (HMD) and take a virtual reality tour. 

If the project is successful, homebuyers will be able to tour properties via smartphones or computers, only visiting the ones they decide to shortlist.

To make it work a property is filmed using a mixture of laser scanning and 360 degree capturing equipment.

The images go through a post-production process and are delivered via HMD which tracks the user’s head movements and shows each eye a slightly different image, giving the illusion of being a 3D space.

Soundscaping is then added in certain points of the tour for an additional sense of presence. The user is then able to see each room and the garden via a number of hotspots.

This technology is being explored by multiple real estate providers in order to make the customer experience better and quicker.

"With this approach, potential buyers could get more of a feel for properties and choose ones to visit that really suit their requirements. It could make the whole process more time efficient for buyers, agents and vendors," says Rightmove’s head of innovation, Hannes Buhrmann.

The virtual videos can be seen on YouTube and alternatively, for a totally immersive experience, you can use a virtual reality headset such as Google’s Cardboard viewer, available online for around £3.

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Picture source: James Deardley/Google/Youtube

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