13 July 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
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Council houses don’t always have to be boring; in Britain some people have made the best out of the spaces given to them by the government and are now proud owners of unique properties.

A new channel 4 documentary featured council house tenants like Robert Burns, a former decorator who made his three-bedroom Brighton terrace home into a replica of the Sistine Chapel.

Robert has spent 12 years transforming his humble abode into a homage to one of the most iconic artworks of all time, Michelangelo’s ceiling and The Last Judgement fresco.

He recreated the frescos on the wall of the chapel but replaced the paintings showcasing the lives of the saints and important religious events with modern stars like Wayne Rooney, ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Nigella Lawson and Simon Cowell.

Baked Beans museum

In Port Talbot, south Wales, a baked bean fan Barry Kirk, 61, made his flat into a museum dedicated to the savoury treat which he claims has cost him £10,000 over the years.

Mr Kirk who enjoys dressing up as a superhero Captain Beany, says:

“I've got a beautiful collection of baked bean memorabilia. I love living in a council flat because I made it for my own purpose. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it's a visual concept. I'm very pleased.”

Gaudi in Preston

Jam Imani Rad, 65, converted his council flat in Preston into a stunning home, complete with mosaics inspired by Gaudi. The retired teacher spent £6,000 of his own money and around 11 years to finish the lavish interior decorations.

“It's the love I put in this house. You can see every corner of it reflects how I felt at that time I created it.”

The Chelsea council flat might be competition to the millionaire houses on the southwest side of London.

Socialite Pad

Molly Parkin, 84, moved into her council flat after declaring bankruptcy 12 years ago. The former teacher used to live in some of Chelsea’s most sought-after addresses with one of her former homes now being worth £5 million.

Molly was one of the original “it girls”, describing herself as a TV personality, erotic novelist, painter, fashion editor and general party girl.

At the age of 70 she went bankrupt and while battling alcoholism, she moved into a council house in the World’s End Estate in Notting Hill, London. The art work on the walls depicts events from her past such as orgies.

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Pictures: Solent News