06 April 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, April 06, 2016
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Spring is here but so are the rain showers that accompany the season! Is your static holiday home protected against the possibility of flood damage?

A few smart decisions and techniques could mean your static caravan is safe and sound. Here are our top tips on preparing your caravan for the spring showers:

Choose higher ground

Many holiday parks in the UK are especially designed on higher grounds to prevent any flood damage to homes which are set up there – consider one such park for your caravan! Higher ground means less water logging and protection even during the heavier spring showers.

Seal your caravan

Water is most likely to get in to your holiday home through the air vents and door seals. Invest on sealing these areas well before the summer begins to ensure that your caravan stays dry and cosy!

Remove valuables

Remove any valuable items that can be damaged by water before the rainy season begins! This is also a good idea because if you are not able to reach the site due to bad weather, at least you can rest assured that there are no valuables in the caravan.

Be aware

It’s a good idea to get informed about where to obtain sandbags and other aids that can assist against floods, before the bad weather sets in. Keep all phone numbers and addresses handy to avoid a last minute panic!

Avoid deep valleys

Safety should be the foremost priority when choosing a location for your static holiday home and although the beauty of a valley may be tempting, it is also an area that will be worst affected by water damage.

Awareness and advanced planning can save you from a great deal of anxiety and last minute panic. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and prepare your static caravan in advance so that it is ready to face spring showers.

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