20 April 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, April 20, 2016
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Like London, Hong Kong is a pricey place to live so some residents try save money by looking for small properties in the expensive centre of the city.  

A couple decided to transform a tiny 309 square feet apartment into a space with a large kitchen, bathtub, home cinema, gym facilities, and cat-friendly features. They hired Hong Kong-based architects LAAB to make this a reality.

LAAB achieved what was asked by adopting a "form follows time" philosophy, in which the apartment transforms based on the time of the day, and features are stowed away and brought out

In this micro-apartment, little doesn't equate to low-tech. The space has a range of app-controlled smart home technologies such as mood lighting and a smart lock that allows residents and guests to come and go easily.

Check out the astounding video below (you'll never again think your space is too small).

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Photo: LAAB