27 January 2016

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
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Are you aware that you could be paying more than you need to for airline tickets?

Online customers need to be mindful of scams, unwanted extras, online tracking and last minute bookings which can all get you in to trouble!

Recently, more than 300 Vietnamese students have allegedly been tricked out of $360,000 in travel fares after they purchased fake tickets through social media. 

The students bough the tickets to Vietnam through Facebook but were told that their bookings had been cancelled at check-in.

Safeguard against something similar happening to you with these three great tips:

Delete the cookies!

Cookies are sent from a website to your computer and track your movements around a site. They are designed to enhance your experience but the trail they leave can also change the final cost.

In some cases, the cookies can cause some travel agents to decrease their prices; however they may cause the total to increase based on the number of times you re-enter a particular website, which is why it is essential to delete your browser history.

Watch out for the pre-selected extras

Cheap flights can sometimes come with sneaky pre-selected extras which may add up to 40% to the initial cost.

In recent years EasyJet has charged for seat selection, from £3 for a standard seat up to £8 or £12 for extra leg room. Opting out of this extra means you will be allocated a seat you can’t change when you check in.

Consumers should weigh up the cost of their desired extras before booking.
“If you book a really cheap flight, it is probably not going to include baggage, it is probably not going to include meals, people need to weigh up the cost … check that there aren’t any full service airlines that work out cheaper,” TravelZoo deal expert Charlotte Dubois told The New Daily.
Plan in advance
According to the experts, the best day to avoid travelling is a Friday which was “consistently the most expensive day to fly.”
Prices also peak about three days before departure meaning that last minute travelling struggles to ensure you get the best deals. Incidentally, the best time to buy was actually approximately 50 days ahead of travel.
“Travel between 6pm and midnight, flights are typically cheaper than early in the morning.”
“Book on a Tuesday – data shows this is the cheapest day of the week to lock-in holiday plans,” said Cheapflights.com.au global head of communications Phil Bloomfield. 
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