25 November 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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The latest survey from Barclays Mortgages has revealed that some homeowners are willing to spend an extra £10,000 for a property that is ‘ahead of the times’ so let’s take a look at the top tech gadgets that can help you add value to your home!

·         Nest Labs Thermostat

The Nest Labs’ Wi-Fi and sensor enabled thermostat is compatible with most HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems and is built around an operating system that remembers the temperatures you prefer. It uses that data to program itself and automatically turns the temperature down while you’re out! The gadget can be managed remotely using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

·         Phillips Hue Wireless LED Light Bulbs

This new package from Phillips combines LED bulbs, a Wi-Fi bridge and a mobile app to give homeowners lighting control via a smartphone or tablet. Lights can be turned on or off remotely, scheduled to turn on/off and the colour/tone changed from the Hue app.

·         Smart Alarm Systems

Internet connected home alarm systems such as Piper, iSmartAlarm, and Canary are gaining more attention. Piper is an all-in-one Wi-Fi enabled system with an integrated 1080p camera, a siren, built-in motion sensors and other home automation features. The alarm system can be accessed remotely via an iOS or Android app.  

·         Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Door locks are being brought in to the digital age by Schlage’s Camelot as it features Internet connectivity and a touchscreen for PINs. The locks include alarms of different volume levels to suit your security needs. Features such as the ability to unlock from our smartphone, set the deadbolt to lock automatically after 30 seconds and receive texts if the alarm is triggered. These may outweigh the £5.95 monthly subscription fee as internet connectivity is done through the Z-Wave wireless protocol rather than Wi-Fi.

·         Smart Washer/Dryer

Whirlpool sells smart home appliances that use the company’s 6th Sense Live technology to connect to an online database of energy prices, meaning you can automatically run appliances when power is cheapest. From the Whirlpool mobile app, you can check when a wash will be done, receive alerts when it’s time for more laundry detergent or start/stop a laundry load remotely.

Whether you decide to tech out your home or not, make sure your property is protected with great value home insurance from Discount Insurance – call 0800 294 4522 today!