21 October 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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Almost everyone is aware of the liquid ban, but there are other items that you might be surprised to find you cannot carry on a plane!

Here are 5 items that seem harmless, but which you would not be permitted to fly with:

1.       Badminton Racquets

It’s understandable as to why certain sporting equipment will not be allowed on to a plane, such as a cricket bat, but tennis racquets are also banned! On the other hand, ‘martial arts equipment’ is okay as long as it’s checked in, meaning that someone could potentially be caring a whole arsenal of clubs, nun chucks, rice flails and knuckledusters.  Strange.

2.       Cigarette Lighters

Although you can’t take any objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers, you can take a lighter on to the plane. But only one. According to the rules, ‘you must keep the lighter on yourself throughout the flight and it is very important that you do not return it to your hand baggage after screening.’

3.       Tent Pegs

If you’re flying to a music festival or going on a camping trip, make sure you don’t carry your tent pegs in your hand luggage or they will be confiscated! That means you’ll either have to sleep under the stars or stay awake for the whole trip – which you might have planned to do anyway!
4.       Fishing Rods     

Fishing rods must also be checked in as hold luggage, bare this in mind if you’re going on a fishing trip! This is presumably in case you feel tempted to use the fishing rods against a particularly annoying passenger.

5.       Soup

Liquid is liquid meaning that you will not be able to carry on more than 100ml of the stuff! This also applies for mascara, clotted cream and as we all know, water!

It can be difficult to remember that some of these random items cannot be carried in hand baggage but be sure to check before packing so you don’t accidentally make embarrassing memories at check in!

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