08 July 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, July 08, 2015
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Travelling with children might seem daunting and exhausting and far from the holiday that you imagined, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are our top tips for making your travels enjoyable for the whole family:

          Check the weather

It is as simple as it sounds. Being aware of the climate and terrain type in your destination means that you can dress your children comfortably, making them happier when exploring a new environment.

22.       Plan ahead

Spontaneity when travelling may have worked when you didn’t have children, but leaving hotel bookings to the last minute is more difficult to pull off with toddlers and teenagers who are likely to get hungry, tired and chew your ear off if you aren’t able to secure satisfactory accommodation.

33.       Safeguard against germs

Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes are backpack essentials when travelling with children, particularly if they are toddlers. These items can come in handy when you’re unsure about the hygiene at a restaurant as you can wipe cutlery before eating. This can prevent children from catching common bugs.

44.       Remember the medicine

Children are more likely than adults to fall ill while on holiday and that’s most likely due to not being able to rest as much as they would at home. Packing medicines and a basic first aid kit can help them feel better quickly and help avoid sleepless nights.

55.       Don’t rush

Travelling with children involves taking extra time to let them explore. This means that you should factor stalling, toilet stops and tantrums in to your plans so that you aren’t losing your cool while they’re wandering off.

66.       Check your passports

Depending on their age, children’s passports only last a certain number of years, so if this is your first trip in a while, it’s important to check that they haven’t expired. Try to do this at least six weeks before you travel.

77.       Don’t let your children pack

Although it is important to let your children have an input in what they would like to pack, make sure you check that they aren’t about to spend the whole trip carrying around unnecessary items that are too heavy. 

88.       Plan for long journeys

If you have a particularly long flight or car/bus journey, be sure to plan ahead and pack a collection of toys – think small puzzles, plasticine, word searches and colouring books. These will give your children something to do, meaning you won’t have to hear “I’m bored!”

  8.       Make memories

Travelling from a young age means that your children can get a head start on making fantastic memories in exotic locations. Encourage them to keep a diary of interesting things they have seen or foods they have tried. As adults, they will appreciate looking back on everything they have gathered over the years.

Another idea would be to give them a child friendly or disposable camera which can encourage them to take an interest in their surroundings.

18.       Use public transport

Children are curious by nature and like interacting with people so travelling by train, bus and boat is likely to make for a more fun experience than travelling by car. Try to use public transport where possible and take this as a chance to teach your child about the area you are visiting.

88.       Pack snacks

Avoid the tantrums and remember to pack healthy snacks for when restaurants and food places are nowhere to be seen. Unexpected delays can pause your journey for hours so these are not just for the children! 

88.       Designate a meet up place

Try to pick landmarks or buildings that stand out as the place to meet up if you get separated from your children (depending on their age). Another idea would be to create a wrist band that has your phone number on, which your children can wear and use if they get lost.

These straightforward tips should help smooth out any family holiday but don’t forget your travel insurance too! 

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