22 July 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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Summer is here and school is almost out! With children having six weeks of holidays, it’s possible that you might run out of things to do to keep them occupied!

So let us help you make the most of summer as a family with our top ten things to do:

1         1. Swim

It’s not difficult to go swimming all year around, but outdoor swimming is something that should be considered during the hot summer months. A family trip to a lake or area with natural water can make for a great day out! 

1         2Visit a zoo/farm

Children are often fascinated by animals, so a trip to a zoo to spy their favourite animals is a great idea. Another option would be to visit a local farm and actually interact with the animals – this could also be an opportunity for your children to learn more about them. 

1         3Go to a theme park

Visiting a theme park as a child is one of the most exciting and fun filled things to do. There are attractions to suit every age and level of bravery, but try to ensure that there are a few activities you all do as a group. 

1         4Play miniature golf

Mini golf is brilliant fun and is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. It allows everyone to get competitive and is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills.

1         5. Go camping

The warm weather is an excellent reason to connect with nature and one of the best ways to do that is to go camping!  What’s not to enjoy about being with your family, sitting around a small fire and eating toasted marshmallows?

1         6Have a picnic

Get closer to nature and enjoy the sun by having a picnic, whether it’s in your local park, in your back garden or in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. After lunch, family games to consider playing include cricket, catch and football.

1         7. Ride bikes

Bike riding is a fun family activity but be sure to take safety precautions such as wearing helmets and wearing reflective clothing if you are likely to be out in the evening. If your children can’t yet ride bikes then now is a great time to teach them! 

1         8Go fishing

Waking up early to go fishing might get a few grumbles from your children, but it will be worth it after you have a great day bonding. The number of fish you catch is not important as your children are likely to be excited by even the sight of live fish! If you’re heading to the beach, why not try crabbing? This is a cheaper and easier alternative if you don’t already have fishing equipment. 

1         9Watch a movie

Some of the biggest films of the year come out in the summer and on a day where it is unbearably hot, make a quick journey to your local cinema and relax in the air conditioned screen while you enjoy a fun family movie.

1         10Go fruit picking

Fruit picking is a learning opportunity as well as a chance for your children to try something new! Have a competition to see who can pick the most berries and then take these home to make something delicious together, such as jam or a cake. 

The good weather won’t last for long so make the most of it while you can by doing these fun activities with your family.

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