23 April 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Thursday, April 23, 2015
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If you’re coming to the end of your mobile phone contract, our five tips below could help you save money on your next mobile phone contract.

Do you really need the latest smartphone?

The cost of your contract is usually determined by the tariff and the handset you choose. If you have decided the latest iPhone has to be your next phone, the monthly cost of your contract will be higher.

Ask yourself do you really need the latest smartphone? And know whether it’s worth the higher monthly cost. If you have a decent handset which does what you need, you’ll get a far cheaper deal if you decide on a Sim-only or PAYG deal.

If you do need the latest smartphone, pay some money upfront for the cost of your handset and your monthly cost of your contract will be lower.

Check your current usage

Many people are on unlimited phone contracts, which leave them with lots of unused minutes, data and texts at the end of the month. Knowing how much you use, will allow you to tailor your next contract to meet your needs and save money.

Check your old bills to see how much you use a month, and then use that information when deciding your next contract.

It may be the case you use more data and rarely use minutes, you could save by downgrading how many minutes you get in your next contract and vice versa.

Pay-as-you-go or Sim-only – which is best?

If you have decided to keep your handset after your contract has ended, it may be cheaper to get a PAYG or a Sim-only deal.

If you no longer want to be tied to a contract, PAYG is your best option. There is a lot of different PAYG deals around - Giff Gaff is a popular choice for those looking for lots of minutes and data.

If you want a wider range of tariffs to choose from or you don’t want to change network, a Sim-only deal could be your best bet. You can get a Sim-only deal on 30 rolling day contract or 12-month contract.

Haggle for a lower tariff price

If you don’t want to switch and you’re happy with your handset, haggling with your network could save you money. 

If you’re near the end of the contract, your network will not want to lose you, so give them a phone call and ask for the best price possible for your tariff.

Recycle your old phone

If you decide you’re getting a new handset and your old one is in good condition, recycling your mobile phone could earn you some money which could be used towards your contract. 

There are quite a few different mobile recycling sites offering you cash for your handset, so compare different offers before deciding.

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