11 March 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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According to the Nationwide House Price Index, house prices on the whole are continuing to rise. But how can those in areas that are not reaping the same benefits as the London housing bubble make simple improvements to further increase the value of their home?

We at Discount Insurance have some suggestions for quick interior solutions to make your home more sellable.

Interior accessories

These can make a huge difference to first impressions when a potential buyer is looking around your home. Although you want to avoid everything being completely coordinated, having a consistent colour pallet throughout a home can help to bring all the rooms together and create a more spacious impression.


Properly illuminating every room in the house is very important. Having warm, mood lighting can help a room to look cosy which is ideal for a living room or bedroom.

For a bathroom or kitchen, brighter lights might be needed, as these can give a clean, crisp feel and make a room look a lot bigger. Natural light is most effective at making a room look more spacious, so strategically placing mirrors can help to allow the natural light to travel even further.


This allows a potential buyer to easily imagine their home comforts in your living space, being able to visualise themselves in a property as they’re looking around may be a deciding factor when considering a purchase.

Neutral Colours

Using a neutral paint on all walls and ceilings makes it easier for a new owner to make their personal home improvements and imagine themselves in that property - should they choose to buy it of course!

Providing the next owner with essentially a blank canvas also provides the opportunity for personalisation with all kinds of accessory options, such as candles, rugs, cushions for example.

Having inoffensive colours keeps the playing field open to many more new potential buyers while creating the perception of a larger space.

Don’t neglect the outside

The ‘curb appeal’ of your home is just as important as the interior, if not more, as it is the first thing potential buyers will view.

Be sure to mow the lawn, cut back any bushes or overhanging trees and clear the gutters. These simple measures can also make the property seem neater and more spacious.

At Discount Insurance we promise to offer a competitive home insurance quote without compromising on cover. Call 0800 294 4522 to find out how much you can save!
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