07 January 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, January 07, 2015
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These days most of us travel with at least one, if not several gadgets. Be it a camera, tablet, smartphone, laptop or all of them!

Compared to the hassle of losing your gear, a little bit of preparation before you travel can go a very long way.

Here are 10 simple precautions which could be a huge time saver later on.

1) Don’t forget to back up

Before you head off, back up everything! Photos, contacts, documents and any other items you’d miss if your phone, tablet or laptop went missing.

There are plenty of online cloud storage options, meaning you can continue backing up as you travel, which is particularly useful for longer trips. Storing lots of items can incur a charge, but many providers offer space for free when you sign up.

Google Drive is a great option that will provide 15 GB of free storage space before you’ll need to pay, and Dropbox - another effective choice - gives 1 GB of complimentary storage.

2) Hold onto your valuables

The easiest way to keep your gadgets safe is to keep them close. Pack valuable devices in your hand luggage rather than checking them into the hold on a flight; that way you’ll know these items are safe from any unnecessary bumps or breakages.

Depending on where you travel to and the airline you travel with, valuables have been known to go missing between the baggage drop and the baggage reclaim too, so it’s safer to have most of your tech with you.

3) Turn on your tracking devices!

If the worst does happen, and your iPhone is lost or stole on a night out, you’ll thank yourself if you’ve switched on its built in tracking app - Find My iPhone. You can access the software directly through iCloud to locate your iPad, Mac or iPhone.

For support on setting up Find My iPhone, visit: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2697

As long as the device is switched on, you’ll be able to see where its GPS signal is coming from and can set your device to make a loud noise to help alert you to its whereabouts. You can also remotely erase personal data and display a customised message, even after the device has been erased.

If you’re rocking an Android phone, Device Manager is its equivalent.

4) Log your electronics

Make a detailed log of all your devices (including photos and serial numbers), in case of loss or theft, as well as receipts confirming their value for an insurance claim.

You should also note your phone’s IMEI number, a 15/16-digit number. Find out yours by dialling *#06# on your device.

Loss, theft and accidents are just as likely to happen when you’re on holiday and the more proof you have that you owned these items, the better.

If you have any further questions on insurance claims and proof of ownership, drop us an email on: marketing@discountinsurance.co.uk
5) Don’t wash out

As we all know, water and electronics aren’t a match made in heaven, so be sure to protect your gadgets from all wet encounters.

Before you leave, purchase a dry bag or waterproof case, if you don’t have time, at least tuck your tech in plastic bags when they’re in your handbag, rucksack or luggage, to protect them from rainstorms or spontaneous swimming pool encounters.

6) What a beach

Another enemy for your gadgets is sand and dust, which can easily blow its way into the nooks and crannies of electronics and cause faults. A good quality case from a brand like Otterbox or Griffin should help you avoid this.

However, if you do get home and find sand in any of your devices, buy a can of compressed air – a few puffs in the right spots should  help to remove any unwanted grains.

7) Your gadgets don’t tan

Although you may be looking forward to baking in the sun, your gadgets can’t take the heat.

If you leave your tech in the sunshine for too long they could shut down. Keep your electronics in your bag or find a shady spot when using your devices and they’ll be far more likely to survive the hot days.

8) Avoid cold calls

When your gadget is subjected to a big chill it will ‘die’ until warmed up again.

If you’ve been out in the cold for a while, warm up your electronics gradually, so they don’t build up condensation; cameras in particular can suffer from this. Silica gel sachets can be handy to pop in a bag with your device; this will ensure remaining moisture doesn’t harm your items.

9) Strap up

Worried about thieves and pickpockets? Or always dropping your device?

Consider investing in anti-theft straps with slash-proof wires. Handy for both cameras and phones, these will help keep your items attached to you and safe from accidents like: hitting the floor, falling into water or pickpocket thefts.

10) Keep charged

Long stretches of beach, on a plane, trekking or even just poolside can leave your tech with little battery power.

If you’re likely to be away from a power source for long periods, then consider talking a solar powered battery charger like Powermonkey on your trip. Just plug in tech like your phone, camera, tablet or Kindle and continue enjoying your electronics without fear of blackout!

Handy tip: Most TV’s now have USB ports, so rather than fumbling with your overseas plug adapter. Simply plug in your lead and charge away! 

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