21 January 2015

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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January can feel like a very long month after the excesses of Christmas, but Discount Insurance are here to share their top tips on how to enjoy some treats for free!

From eating out to keeping fit, discover how to live a jam-packed lifestyle without spending a penny.

Free gym

Look out for free one day and one week passes from big names like The Gym, LA Fitness and others – you can often try the classes too.

Beauty treatments

Visit Salon Guinea Pig for free treatments by trainees, including waxing, semi-permanent make up, facials and even tattoos.

Cups of tea

You can claim a daily cup of tea in Ikea and Waitrose when you sign up for a free loyalty card. You can get occasional freebies at McDonald’s by downloading their app and at John Lewis by signing up for a loyalty card and waiting from them to post vouchers.


If you’re in London you can get a free sports massage from a trainee at the North London School of Sports Massage as part of their classes or exams.


Find a swishing party or join a swishing website and swap all your clothes and accessories, with no money changing hands.

Swap in the City UK, Swap Style and Swishing are some examples of organised swishing events but it’s just as fun to organise your own with friends!

Free learning

FutureLearn is just one of many programmes offering university courses online for absolutely nothing. You don’t get a degree or certificate at the end but you do get access to some top educational resources.

There’s also thevirtualinstructor.com and free-online-art-classes.com for teaching yourself to become an artist, and there are free apps such as Duolingo and Busuu to help with learning a new language.

Free samples

Learn to write letters and emails complimenting businesses and you’ll soon have sample after sample arriving, as well as money off coupons.

If you have a blog or are prolific on social media, even better. Brands are keen to spread the word about their products so they’re likely to send you free stuff if they know you’ll write about it.

Free travel

Get free Uber credit when you refer friends and only use the Uber app when you have credit.

Volunteer as crew on board a private boat via Crewseekers, Findacrew or Crewbay and build up your sailing experience from there. Without experience you won’t get paid, but you won’t have to pay for the trip either!


Have a pet for the day for free by volunteering to dog-walk or play with cats at rescue centres of the RSPCA. Or, use the Petsitters & Dogwalkers’ section of Gumtree.

Eat out

Become a mystery shopper with Gapbuster, TNS Global or MarketForce. There are other mystery shopping companies you can join, but be sure to check them on MSPA (Mystery Shopper Providers Association) to see if they’re legitimate.

You’ll be tasked with visiting restaurants, enjoying a free meal and giving the venue a review for market research.

The more complete your services, the more jobs the company will give you and hence the more free food!
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