05 November 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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It’s official, summer is over – and it’s freezing outside.

As tempting as it might to be to turn up the central heating and break into a sweat, it’s very important to remember that heating your house costs a lot of money. If you’re not careful, you’ll be hit by a hefty energy bill come the next quarter.

Layer up

Forget one massive jumper, the secret to keeping warm this winter is to wear lots of thin layers – air gets trapped between the layers and heats up, keeping you snug as a bug.

Time your heating

Don’t put the heating on after you wake up, by the time it’s made a difference you’ll be heading out the door and wasting energy.

Use the timer, set it to come on around half an hour before you get up and so it turns off before you leave.

Duvet days


There is no better place than underneath a duvet once the harsh cold of winter hits your house. But there’s nothing to say that duvets only belong in the bedroom – take it with you to the living room and set up camp on the sofa!

Go out

If your house is too cold – leave it! Your university will probably keep the library pretty well heated, so why not get some work done?

Alternatively you could head down to your local pub – thought this may not end up being quite as cheap as you’d hoped.

Winter Warmers

Warm yourself up from the inside out by having a little winter warmer. Whether it’s something dull like tea or coffee, or something seasonal such as mulled wine - you’ll feel the effects almost instantly.

Shut that door

There’s no point following all our advice about keeping warm and then leaving the doors open and letting the heat out – don’t be silly now.

Cut out the drafts

Check the edges of your windows and doors to make sure they’re draft free. A good heavy pair of curtains should stop most drafts, but if the bottom of your door lets in the air; one of those novelty sausage dog excluders will be perfect though a rolled up towel does the same job.

Exploit the oven

Ovens, when used, are hot. If you sit by it while cooking your dinner, you will warm up – nice and simple. 

Also make sure you leave the oven door open after you’ve finished cooking and use the heat you’ve already paid for to warm your kitchen.

Jump in the shower

Not only will having a shower heat you thanks to hot water, but it’ll also raise the temperature of the house. 

Of course you could get in a bath, but that requires a lot of energy and uses more water – might as well stick the heating on instead – defeating the object somewhat.

Water bottle up

The old tricks are the best. You may be able to get electric blankets these days, but nothing beats a hot water bottle for keeping your toes warm in bed.

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