29 October 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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Where’s the perfect place to spend this Halloween? Your own haunted house of course!

To celebrate this spooky time of year we've released a list of the most haunted homes for sale right now.

Dracula’s Transylvanian Castle
Price: £48.28 million ($78m)

Bran Castle sits in the Romanian mountains and is predominantly made from carved rock. It’s been home to numerous kings and queens, but it’s most infamous resident was “Vlad the Impaler”. 

The home attracts more than half a million visitors each year.

Chicago’s Schweppe Mansion
Price: £7.43 million ($12m)

This home belonged to the Schweppe family, who made millions from the success of various soft drinks

When Laura Schweppe died of a heart attack and left her husband Charles just $200,000, he shot himself in the head. Their ghosts are said to have roamed the corridors for years.

Black Dahlia Murder House
Price: £3.02 million ($4.875m)

Crafted by architect Lloyd Wright, this notorious home has appeared in “Ghost Hunters,” “Paranormal America,” and the American Express advert.  

A large buzz surrounds previous owner Dr George Hodel, as he was a prime suspect in the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, aka the “Black Dahlia”.

Colorado Ghost Town
Price: £1.24 million ($2m)

Boot Hill, Colorado, is completely abandoned. Two sisters bought it in 2000 and restored it to its original state. The town is on the National Historic Registry.

Four Crosses Pub
Price: £325,000

The pub which dates back to 1636 has become more renowned for supernatural spirits than those previously served in pint glasses in recent years. 

Spirits said to roam its ancient rooms include a Roundhead soldier and a broken-hearted damsel called Emily, often spotted crying in the ladies’ toilets.

Victorian Killing Estate
Price: £7.43 million ($12m)

This mansion sits on Kill Road on Staten Island

The wealthy Kreischer family built and lived on the property, and two members killed themselves after losing their fortune. Their spirits supposedly wander the grounds.

Ozzie Nelson: The friendly ghost
Price: £3.25 million ($5.25m)

It’s been a long-running Hollywood rumour that this home is haunted. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson lived there, and it was used for exterior scenes of “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.” 

Ozzie’s ghost has reportedly been seen poking around the property for decades.

World’s most haunted island
Price: £416,000 ($672,000)

Povelgia is well known in the paranormal community

The Italian government built an insane asylum on the island, and the doctor was rumoured to have jumped off the bell tower to his death.

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