08 October 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, October 08, 2014
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You've survived fresher’s week and now you’re all set for your first year of university. Here are a few tips for post-fresher’s success.

Learn to cook

It’s all very well living off baked beans and take-out pizza for a week while you party the nights away, but that would be a nutritional disaster in the long term.

Pick up a student cookbook from your local shop and organise a weekly meal with your flatmates. Take it in turns to do the cooking, or better still, all pitch in together and teach each other new dishes.

Keep your flatmates happy

Having bonded over your communal dinner, it’s important that you keep your new friends onside- after all, you have to live with them for a year.

Get together and draw up a list of house/ hall rules so that everybody knows what’s expected. Don’t be afraid to politely mention something you’re not happy with, so you can all work towards a resolution.

Try something new

University gives you the opportunity to try new things. If you haven’t already joined a society, it’s not too late. Take up a sport, join the debating team or learn how to knit. If you want to do something that your university doesn’t currently offer, why not start your own society?

Get together with some friends, ask your student union for some help and you’re good to go.

Avoid the call of home

While we wouldn't advise literally ignoring all calls from home, if you start feeling homesick, the worst thing you can do is visit home whenever you get the opportunity.

Some people experience homesickness within the first few weeks, while it may hit others half way through the first term. Either way, the best way to combat these feelings is to throw yourself into student life. The busier you are, the less time you’ll have to think about what you might be missing at home.

Think about your CV

The first year of university is a great time to get some extra experience before the workload increases. Maybe become a mentor at a local school or apply for a part-time job at your student union bar.

If you want to do a placement or an internship in the summer, keep an eye out for forthcoming deadlines, which are often earlier than you might think.

Your university careers service will have many resources you can make use of, so get in touch with them sooner rather than later.

Don’t neglect your work

Amid all the fun, it’s important to remember that university is about studying. Make sure you know when your deadlines are, or what you need to revise for an exam.

Use your first year to get into good habits for the rest of your degree; try out revision techniques or improve your time-management skills. Perhaps make a schedule for each week, to make sure you have enough time to read or attend sports practice.

Work out

It’s easy to get blasé about your health when you’re not being fed by parents. While learning to cook nutritional dishes will help to keep you well – colds spread quickly in halls of residence – it’s also worth watching what you eat to keep off the extra pounds.

Eating well and keeping physically fit will help to keep you working at your best throughout term.

Keep to your budget

As well as managing your time, you’ll need to continue to manage your money. If you've already budgeted for the year, take a moment to assess how well you've kept to it. Fresher’s week can be quite expensive, so you may need to adjust it accordingly.

Make sure you have enough money for food each week, and if you’re a little tight for cash, think about where you might be able to cut back – maybe on cigarettes, alcohol or takeaways.

Explore your surroundings

Not only are you at university, but many of you will be in a completely different part of the country.

Use your free time to discover all the area has to offer. If you've got to spend the next few years there, you may as well discover the best places to go.

Find a favourite pub, stumble upon a great place to read or check out some local events.

Take a trip back home

While you should avoid going home every weekend, if you do begin to miss friends and family, use a long weekend or you reading week to visit your parents.

This is a great opportunity to eat a huge meal and load up on tinned food to take back with you. Aside from visit’s food-related benefits, use the time to relax and take a break from university life – that way you’ll go back feeling refreshed and ready to get straight back into it.

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