24 September 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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Keeping the cold out of your home in the autumn months shouldn’t be your only concern. When the nights draw in, spiders often quit the garden and make for the comfort of our homes.

Stopping spiders getting into your home is a lot easier than you think – just follow these handy tips and you’ll soon have far fewer eight-legged visitors.

Coat entry points with lemon

Spiders are not fans of the smell of citrus, so rub lemon peel around door and window frames so they are thoroughly covered by the scent.

Alternatively, mix water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray any exposed cracks, door frames, or window frames with the solution.

Clear debris around your house

Most spiders like to hide in dark places, and garden mess such as grass clippings, wood piles, boxes and empty containers are the perfect place for them to hang out. These provide vital homes for spiders to live on over the winter, so it’s important to leave some garden waste and overgrown areas, but confine these to parts of the garden furthest away from the house.

Remove weeds from around your home’s external walls and also store garden kit in sealed containers, rather than boxes, to discourage spiders.

Remove webs

When you see a spider web insider or out, be sure to remove it to discourage the spider from returning. Use a broom to reach high up webs or a vacuum cleaner, if it will reach.

Anywhere that is not regularly disturbed by human or pet activity needs to be regularly dusted or vacuumed. That’s inside wardrobes, along skirting boards, up in the corner of rooms – places where spiders would love to call home.

Avoid using outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting does not directly attract spiders, but it does attract insects and this will lead to an increase in the spider population. As you don’t want either in your home, use outdoor lighting as little as possible and direct lights away from your house.

Seal cracks in your walls

Apply wall filler to any cracks around windows and doors or along the foundation of your home. Most spiders will sneak into a building through these various cracks and openings.

Block further entry points by adding door sweeps to the bottom of external doors.

Scatter conkers around the perimeter of your home

This may be an old-wives’ tale, but the seeds of the horse chestnut tree, also called conkers, have been used as spider repellents for centuries.

Line conkers up around your house and exterior walls - replace with new conkers every other week to prevent them from rotting and causing more problems. It could be worth a try!

If all else fails…

If you can’t beat them, spot them! Grab a copy of Collins Field Guide: Spiders and have fun identifying the spiders in your home.  Also remember, it’s natural to have spiders around, and they do eat a lot of other annoying insects.

Try to teach children to respect them. According to experts, fear of spiders is learned, unlike fear of snakes, which is deep rooted.

So give the spiders a break, big them up to your family and celebrate their presence – if you can! 

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