03 September 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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Going to university and moving into student accommodation for the first time can be a scary, stressful and forgetful time for both parents and students.

At Discount Insurance we believe students should be prepared for their forgetfulness, hence this list will save you the hassle of thinking about those items when you move into your student accommodation. Some of these items might seem a bit obvious, but they can be easily missed.


There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos that need batteries, from remotes to torches, there is nothing worse than realising a battery is dead and no shops are open. Bring a few of varying types; you never know what you might need. 

Door wedge

Very useful during the first couple of weeks in student accommodation, leave your door wide open and talk to people as they pass. It is a very easy way to get to know people quickly without leaving your room.

Warning: Don't leave your door open like this all the time as it is technically a fire hazard, just do it when you are about and want company.

Dressing gown/ flip-flops/ slippers

In most cases you will be sharing a bathroom with a few other people, so it is generally polite to cover yourself when walking to and from the bathroom, and sometimes a towel is not enough, so get a dressing gown or bathrobe to protect your decency.

Although bathing footwear is probably not something you’ve thought about, it might need a thought. Floors in student accommodation are not as clean as they could be, especially after a night out when various sticky drinks have been dropped on the floor, so the last thing you need is muck on your feet after a shower.

Ethernet cord

In some university accommodation, the Wi-Fi can be rubbish, so sometimes you are better connecting the old fashioned way and keeping a much more secure and consistent connection, especially when submitting that essay on Blackboard.

Also some student accommodation might not have a Wi-Fi network so you may need to be connected to an outlet. Furthermore, by simply using an Ethernet cord; you can use your laptop or computer as a wireless router – thus creating your own wireless hotspot - which will be good for those Wi-Fi dependent phones and tablets. 

Fancy dress costumes

As a student there will be times when you need to dress up, so having a big box of costumes can save you have the hassle of running to Primark at the last minute to find something decent (although Primark do tend to have a wide range of £10 animal themed onesies).

Flash drive/ External hard drive

As a student you will be writing lots of essays, collecting lots of documents and images, so space on your computer/ laptop is important, an external hard drive will make this less of a worry. 

A flash drive is a must! There will be times you need to bring a presentation or an essay or an image into class or group session and you can’t always guarantee a decent internet connection. A cheap flash drive will make this problem disappear; it might even save the day!

Passport photos

Having these can save you effort on finding one of those rare photo booths. During freshers week these might be needed for ID, bus passes or applications, so having a few lying about can be quite handy.

Power strip/ Extension cable

Picking up a power strip with a lot sockets will ensure you have enough power for your laptop, hair dryer, phone charger, desk lamp, fan, mini-fridge, printer and all other electrical items you will may have.

Make sure you get one with a surge protector to protect your valuables if a power surge occurs and having one with a long lead as you have no idea where the only socket in the room may be.


Printing things using at the university library costs money, roughly about 5p a sheet, and this cost can add up over time. Buying a printer with built in scanner and photocopier will make life a lot easier, especially if it is 5am in the morning and you need to hand in your work in 4 hours later, and the library is closed!

Stapler/ Hole punch

These items speak for themselves; they will both come into use. Be aware when using them in a lecture theatre as other people will want to use them too, just don’t lose them after you lend them to people.

Stuffed toy

You might be surrounded by your cool housemates but everyone gets a bit homesick from time to time, so having Mr Snugglesworth might be a bit embarrassing but he is there to save the day when you need a hug and feel like you are at home.

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