25 July 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Friday, July 25, 2014
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Here are a few quick and simple tips from Discount Insurance to help you buy a second hand car.

Tell-tale signs to look out for that signal a car has been clocked

1)      The wear and tear of the car is inconsistent with the low mileage.
2)      The numbers on the odometer don’t line up properly.
3)      The pedal rubbers, steering wheel or gear knob look newer than the rest of the car.

Inspect the bodywork

Ensure you thoroughly inspect the car to ensure it is in a satisfactory condition for its age, price and mileage. Don’t view the car in the rain, poor light or at night as water can hide scratches, dents and other aesthetic problems.

While checking the car you should also make sure that the car matches the description and mileage quote in advert.

A sold car must be roadworthy. The Road Traffic Act makes it illegal for anyone to sell a car that is not fit and safe to drive. This law applies to both private sellers and car dealers.

Test the electrics

Non-engine electrics are the biggest cause of faults in used cars. To avoid getting caught out, ensure you test all the electrics to make sure they work. Check the lights, air conditioning, heated rear windows, windscreen wipers and window switches.

V5C registration document

Don’t buy a car without a V5C registration document. It can be difficult to tell if a car is stolen but make sure you call the DVLA to check the car’s colour, engine size and date of registration match the V5C.

Look for any spelling mistakes on the V5C and check if the name and address on the V5C is different to what’s on the seller’s driving license, passport or recent gas or electricity.

Valid MOT

Ensure the MOT certificate is valid and check to see if there is anything that will need attention soon such as worn tyres or fluid leaks. Beware of used cars that are sold with a short MOT.

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