04 June 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, June 04, 2014
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With holiday season fast approaching, many of you may be dusting off your old camera or considering buying a new one in the hopes of taking some sizzling summer snaps.

At Discount Insurance we’ve put together some tips to help you take better pictures and avoid photography disasters. 

Be unique
At any popular tourist spot you will see droves of camera-clutchers each taking essentially the same picture. While we understand you might want to document your visits to famous landmarks, to get the wow-factor to your photos you’ve got to be unique.
Why not head off the beaten track a little, or try and get a higher vantage point (safely of course) to get a better angle and add a little individuality to your photos.

Always use the viewfinder
While this might seem obvious, always check the viewfinder before you take the shot. Check for obvious problems such as trees and lampposts growing out of people’s heads and fingers over the lens.
If you are serious about getting professional looking snaps then take a small tripod with you if possible, this will ensure that the horizon is straight. Also try to avoid using the flash indoors.  

Look for ideas
When you stop off in an unfamiliar village or town, it’s always worth checking out the local postcards to see what photogenic landmarks there are, you may also want to ask locals if they have any suggestions.
Online travel and photography forums can also give you some great suggestions on where you can get some breath taking views or quirky shots.  

In the sun

The sun is great if you are looking for a tan, but not so good when it comes to picture taking. When high in the sky the sun casts harsh shadows and bright highlights. Here’s where a flash can help, as it can be used to put detail back into shadow areas and also add some lustre back into the eyes. 

On The Beach

Salt water and sand can be disastrous when it comes to cameras, we recommend that you can buy a special waterproof pack that protects the camera and lets you take pictures with it in place. Also always keep your camera in a separate bag or compartment to your towel and sun cream etc!

Don’t forget people too

Places are great for photos, but don’t neglect the people there too. You are likely to meet some interesting characters on your travels so try and get a picture. A snap of people dancing or laughing, for example, can give a great sense of the location and its atmosphere. You must remember to ask permission though, as some may consider it rude or an invasion of privacy. 


Get your camera insured

Travel insurance can help cover expensive items such as cameras, phones and tablets against loss, theft or damage whilst you are away, and with great rates available from Discount Insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry!