10 May 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Saturday, May 10, 2014
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So, if you’re thinking of making the most of what your holiday has to offer, and escaping with the caravan in tow, we’ve provided you with our top towing tips to see you on your way.

  • Know the weight of your caravan – your caravan’s weight should not exceed 85 per cent of the car’s kerb weight. We’re pretty sure you already know this, but as a reminder, excess weight will cause instability and instability will cause problems!
  • Check the caravan is secure before pulling away, and also check again during any rest stops. Look for anything loose, disconnected, or broken!
  • Make sure your extra rear lights are in working order and connected properly. Get someone to have a look while you test them.
  • Under pressure to reach your bank holiday destination of choice? Let’s hope your tyres are too. Make sure you check the pressure of them, bearing in mind the tyres on your caravan too!
  • Reduced speed limits apply when towing caravans so take it easy out there, and also remember to respect vehicles following you by allowing them to pass.
  • Stopping distances and the space between you and other vehicles should be increased appropriately, allowing for the extra weight you’re carrying. You should also allow more time for overtaking, positioning yourself for turns, parking, pulling into traffic streams, and joining and leaving motorways.
  • Use your mirrors frequently – the fact you’ve lost the use of your rear view mirror makes extended door mirrors very useful. Extending towing mirrors aren’t a legal requirement, but they are handy when reversing or overtaking.
Everyone at Discount Insurance wishes you a safe holiday!

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