06 March 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Thursday, March 06, 2014
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Everyone knows that student life is associated with a lack of money and tough decisions on whether to spend the last remnants of your student loan on food or a night out.

However, there is always that one friend who has no income, and claims to have no money but somehow still manages to fill the fridge with their food and purchase new clothes and gadgets all too regularly.

At Discount Insurancewe've taken a look at some of the ways in which a lot of your student budget is spent. In this article we include some helpful hints and tips to help you make your money go a lot further – without having to get a job!

Buy an e-book reader

Most students would consider this a luxury item, but when you compare the initial upfront cost to how much you’re spending on books over time, you’re actually saving yourself a large amount of money.

A basic Amazon Kindle for example will only cost £69, and the eBooks thereafter usually cost no more than £5, and are instantly delivered to your reading device.

Although paperback books can vary in price, they normally cost between £7 and £10, not including delivery charges. This means that you’ll save around £2.50 per book and it’ll have paid for itself before very long.

When buying electronic versions of your textbooks, they can often be up to £50 cheaper than the physical textbook, and also a lot more convenient for you to move around.

Clear the ‘reduced to clear’

Every supermarket in the UK has a dedicated section for goods that are reduced in price. Sometimes there’s nothing exciting, but sometimes the supermarket will reduce the price of a 10-pack of beer because it’s only got nine cans or a tin of baked-beans has a dent in it.

Obviously you are not always guaranteed to get a good purchase here but it’s always worth a look.

Make your own coffee

You know and love the value of a good cup of coffee before your 9am lecture. However, if you’re drinking one cup of coffee from Starbucks on a daily basis, you could be spending up to £25 a week just on coffee.

Combat this by getting a decent flask, buying your own coffee and making it at home. This works out a lot cheaper and also a lot quicker than queuing up in the shop and waiting for someone else to make it.

Shop at outlets and make Amazon Warehouse your best friend

As a student you have a very limited budget.  But you still need to look good, so start shopping at clothes outlets and buy all of those cool gadgets and new phones on Amazon Warehouse – just make sure you buy the item, and not the box! (http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2013/12/man-stupidly-knowingly-buys-a-picture-of-an-xbox-one-off-ebay-for-450/)

Get an online TV subscription

Most services cost £5.99 per month, and give you instant and unlimited access to hundreds of movies and television shows.

Furthermore, you can use Netflix & Love Film on the move - instantly stream hundreds of hours of entertainment straight from your mobile device and therefore is a great alternative to buying expensive and space-consuming DVDs.

You can create up to five profiles on a Netflix account so there’s nothing to stop you getting your housemates involved and splitting the price per month.

Look for student discounts

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet which are solely dedicated to giving you the information about where to get the best student discounts and which promotional codes.

Before you hit the go to checkout button, check one of these websites to see if there is anything you can do to cut the price on your purchase.

Wait for the sales

With the amount of sales that shops have, if you can just hold on for a month or two you’ll be able to get that product you love for half the price – leaving the other half to buy another item of clothing or some food!

This can also be beneficial if you have a lot of birthday or Christmas presents to buy your friends and family. You can buy the presents in the sales earlier on in the year and save paying a lot more if you leave your birthday shopping until the day before.

Get student insurance with Discount Insurance

Being a student is challenging enough without having to worry about your possessions being lost, stolen or damaged. According to the latest research, the average student nowadays owns more than £4000 worth of possessions.

We’ll arrange the best value student contents insurance for you – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about, visit: www.discountinsurance.co.uk now and see how much you can save!