12 February 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Valentine’s Day can bring with it high expectations. But remember, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to show how much you love someone.

Being kind and caring is just as valuable – if not more precious – than a diamond ring or bunch of flowers the size of a small house.

To be honest, we should be ‘caring and kind’ to our significant other all year round, but February 14th gives us a gentle nudge to remember to do something special to demonstrate the true depth of our feelings - and that’s something money can’t buy.

Here are a few cheeky bits you can easily adopt without breaking the bank. Why not try adopting some all year round? Remember, it’s the little things that count.

Breakfast in bed

Make your partner a cup of tea or coffee in bed in the morning. If you’re feeling extra generous, why not serve them breakfast in bed – you can even get a heart-shaped mould to fry the eggs in.

Create a 'box of love'

Get an old shoebox, collect together items that mean something to you both – a picture of you on holiday, their favourite film, a poem about them or a letter, their favourite bar of Chocolate – the list is endless, but the more sentimental and meaningful the better!

Give them a hug

Remember that ‘touch’ is an expression of love on its own. Hold them and show them affection throughout the day – and not just when you want things to get a little hotter!

Talk and listen

Talk and listen. Put down the remote control, your mobile phone or tablet and communicate with words not just grunts. Part of being in a healthy relationship is good communication, and that’s what makes love so magical.

Get in the kitchen!

If your partner normally does all the cooking and cleaning, why not step in and take charge by rustling up a romantic meal for two.

Plan a fun activity together

Plan a fun activity together, there’s nothing more exciting than organised fun – and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Why not go for a psychic reading, picnic, a bike ride, hold a movie night, a cheeky trip to the cinema or turn off the TV and play games together.

Compliment them

A few simple words can help improve self-image, boost confidence and get rid of inhibitions, especially if it’s coming from the one you love.

'Nothing's going to change my love for you' 

Finally, say ‘I love you’.

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