04 February 2014

Posted by Discount Insurance on Tuesday, February 04, 2014
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A recent poll has revealed that the top New Year’s resolution for British adults in 2014 is to do more exercise, a decision made by 51% of those polled; the next three most popular being ‘losing weight’, ‘improving my diet’ and ‘saving more money’.

In this blog post we explain how taking up an active outdoor lifestyle is the best way to achieve all of these aims.

The poll by Yougov, showed a huge rise in the top choice of ‘doing more exercise/ improve fitness’ as compared to a year earlier. Other popular choices were ‘taking up a new hobby’ and ‘spending more time with my family’. Clearly the best way for Britons to achieve their desired lifestyle is to make a commitment to get outdoors and get active.

Campers and caravanners spend more time outdoor burning calories and stretching their legs, whether that is taking part in a sporting activity or just going for a stroll in the scenery of the Great British outdoors.

A survey of Camping & Caravanning Magazine showed that 66% of their members purchase specialist outdoor footwear, indicating that they see camping and caravanning as a platform for exploring a new area in their chosen holiday destination.

The Caravan Club’s own survey states that 90% of their members regularly hike or ramble, while 55% regularly enjoy cycling. A third of them had spent up to £400 on outdoor clothing in the last 12 months.

The cost of getting outdoors is significantly cheaper than a gym membership, and also doesn't include the hassle of an uncancellable subscription. The extra benefit is that there’s so much fun to be had that the average amateur walker is unlikely to want to give up their new found pastime anyway.

Whether it’s a regular hike at the weekend or a planned fortnight in the countryside, there’s an abundance of places to explore, most within an hour’s travel of the average Brit.

The most important pieces of equipment are a light waterproof coat, good boots, a small rucksack and a water bottle (and maybe a compass and map if you’re planning on going off the beaten track), and you’re pretty much covered, except for good company. And for those who are still missing that, it’s always a good idea to join a local group – a great way to meet new people.

With many already booking their holidays for the year, now is the ideal chance to commit to an active year. Whether booking the camping holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand, or taking a string of long weekend breaks, there’s no shortage of exciting places to visit and explore in Britain and over the Channel.

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