05 November 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Tuesday, November 05, 2013
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As energy companies continue to raise their rates, it can become difficult for tenants to cover the cost of their bills. The arguments about the heating will begin as the temperature drops and house mates start to decide how long to leave it on every night!

So as a tenant it’s worth looking into ways of saving money on gas and electricity bills throughout the year, but especially during the frostier months.

There is also an environmental benefit to cutting your energy usage which goes hand-in-hand with saving a good amount of cash.

At Discount Insurance we have created some tips and ideas to help save as much money on your bills as possible.

Coffee Shops

As handy as a coffee shop is for iced mocha lattes and eating warm paninis, it also provides electrical outlets for everyone to use.

Use these outlets to charge everything you own: your phone, your iPod, your camera, your laptop etc. 

Also if you are adamant about leaving your heating off, then use a coffee shop to warm you up.

Wrap up warm

As the temperature gets lower, it can be tempting to crank the heating up to keep your home warm. However, if you are walking around in a t-shirt and shorts in mid-December, you are doing something wrong.

Put a jumper on! Layer up with socks, slippers, vests and anything else you can find.

Reducing your thermostat setting by as little as 1°c, can cut your annual bill by up to 10%. 

Your bills 

Be smart, check around for the cheapest deal. Usually, if you pay by direct debit or opt for paperless billing, a discount is offered, so always check these options out.

Make sure your electric supplier has the correct metre reading. Often, you can be lumped with a massive estimated bill, but it is easy to phone them up with your correct readings.

Use energy efficient products

Most of you will have heard of energy-saving light bulbs. They are one of the best energy-saving tools around.

You will need to look out for products that are energy- efficient by looking at their rating which is shown by a letter ranked A++ to G. All appliances ranked A++ and A are the best at saving energy and also saving you money.

Save electricity when washing

Buy a colour catcher, and wash everything at 30c. If you have a half load of whites and a half load of colours, do not waste your time and money doing two separate washes!

Also, stop using a tumble dryer. Buy a clothes horse, plan your washing so you’re not rushing around for your clothes to dry, and don’t waste what you don’t need.

Spend money to make money

Household heat is lost with poor insulation, and rectifying this can save you around £20 a year. You can buy draught excluders and insulating curtains for low prices on eBay. If you buy them directly from a shop, expect to pay more than double the price.

If you are not a homeowner, it’s not possible for you to do things like install double glazing or insulate the floors or walls. However, it’s always worth asking your landlord if they would consider doing this.

If they refuse, you can buy temporary glazing film from home stores at around £4 a metre which is easy to use and guarantee to keep extra heat in.

Your room mates

Always keep an eye on what your flatmates are doing. Agree on a time to set the heating and do not touch it even if you are tempted to.

If your flatmate is prone to leaving the TV on standby then remind them that if it keeps happening they will have to pay the extra.

Also remember that flatmates significant others who stay over and shower more than once a week, should be paying for their share of the bills. This may sound mean, but it is not fair to pay for electricity you have not used.

Also check your phone charger isn’t left plugged in all day. This not only uses needless electricity, but it is also a fire hazard.

Other handy energy-saving tips

-         Turn down your water thermostat (usually located in the boiler room)
-         Only ever boil as much water as you need in a kettle
-         Make sure all windows are shut – tight!
-         Get active in the house. Do some exercise and keep warm.

The best tip we can give you as a tenant is simply to use less and be more conscious when using electrical appliances.

One way you are guaranteed to make a saving is by using Discount Insurance. Get in touch now, to see how much you can save!

Gaurav Ahluwalia