19 August 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Monday, August 19, 2013
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You never know when you’re going to break down, but being well prepared for a break down can help alleviate some of the stress and get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Here are a few simple to follow to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected:

Be sure that you have comprehensive breakdown cover. If you are planning to drive abroad then make sure that the cover extends to the territory you are in. If it doesn’t then you may need to arrange separate cover.

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before you leave, this could be vital in an emergency. Also keep some coins or a phonecard in the car as a backup, in case you can’t get signal.

Keep your breakdown policy certificate in your glove box, this will have the telephone number of your rescue service clearly written on it. Save their number on your mobile phone also.

Do not be tempted to carry out roadside repairs yourself, it's too dangerous - call the experts.

Carry a red warning triangle at all times.

Keep a rug, some warm clothes and some chocolate in the car in case you get stuck in cold conditions for long periods – just don’t be tempted to eat the chocolate before a breakdown!

Keep some alternative footwear in the car, you should always drive in sensible shoes anyway, but you certainly won’t want to walk to an emergency phone in heels!

In your vehicle keep a high visibility waterproof jacket in case you are stranded in adverse weather or at night.

On the motorway

Pull over safely as soon as you can on the hard shoulder, making sure you leave no debris behind that could be hazard to other vehicles.

Try to get help as quickly as possible, but stay safe by following these simple steps:

Once on the hard shoulder turn your front wheels towards the grass verge

Make sure your hazard lights are on. If it’s dark or visibility is poor turn the sidelights on too

Do NOT display your red warning triangle – on the motorway the risks far outweigh the benefits of doing this

Get everyone out of the car. If you have children with you, then make sure they stay with you at all times and find the nearest emergency telephone and call for assistance.

Look out for roadside markers, these will point you to the nearest telephone if you can’t see it.
On other roads

Breaking down on quieter roads is slightly less dangerous and stressful, but remember there are still hazards.

Follow the steps below to stay safe:

Pull over in safe place where you are not obstructing traffic

Turn on your hazard lights 

Switch off the engine

Put your red warning triangle at least 50 metres behind the car – this will warn any oncoming traffic that your car is broken down

Find the nearest telephone or use your mobile phone to call for assistance

Stay in your car and wait for help to arrive. You may feel safer locking the doors also.

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Richard Anthony
Source: Green Flag