09 July 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Tuesday, July 09, 2013
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Imagine not having to set a daily alarm clock ever again - would be nice wouldn't it!. Well that's just one of the perks of being retired, as a new study shows that Brits are making more of post-work life than ever before. 

A new survey shows that older Brits are making the most of their retirement by being more active than they were in their youth. Retirees enjoy an average of three holidays a year and exercise more than they did in their twenties, according to a new study.

More than three-quarters of the older adults surveyed by Skipton Building Society said they tried to keep as healthy and active as they could to make the most of their retirement.

Four out of ten even said that they were ‘reliving their youth’ in their later years by going back to the hobbies they enjoyed before work and family responsibilities came along, such as cooking, gardening and reading.

Getting back on the dating scene and writing a novel were among the other goals for senior citizens. Other activities that retired people were keen to do more of include bowling, volunteering, knitting and fishing. Some retirees are also using the increase free time to start up their dream business. 

David Brown of the Merrit Herald says: "Once upon a time retirement mean inactivity - an aged couple sitting on a porch, rocking away their after-work years. If that picture of retirement was ever true, it certainly isn't today. Today's retirees tend to jump not toddle into their age, looking to many years of excitement, fulfillment and , oh yes, fun!" 

Without the need to book annual leave, retirees are certainly using their new-found holiday entitlement, jetting off on three getaways abroad every year, and there’s no end to their ambition when it comes to holidays, with three in ten saying that they aspired to travel the world in the future.

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Richard Anthony