30 July 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
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At Discount Insurance we love to help you save money by offering you big savings for all your insurance needs. Here are some other simple ways that you can look after what’s in your pockets!

Make a packed lunch for work
Eating out each day is bad for both your wallet and your waistline. Pre-packaged sandwiches from supermarkets and newsagents also represent bad value for money. A 79p loaf of bread and some cheese, ham or sandwich filler will go a long way and save you ££s throughout the week!  Buying multi-packs of drinks at the beginning of the week will make you further savings, or drink from the water cooler – it’s free!

Have your first coffee of the day at work, rather than at the train station, as vendors and high street coffee outlets often charge extortionate prices.


Use Public Transport instead of a taxi
There are times when getting a taxi is unavoidable, such as at 3am after a night out. Then, n no circumstances should you drink or drive, or be tempted to work home alone. However, why not start your night out of with a bus trip into town, rather than a taxi.

Try and use taxis only as a last resort, or when you are part of a large group that you can split the cost with. In London especially, there are many 24 hour bus route and night-buses that will get you home safely.  

Make a shopping list
Food shopping accounts for a large percentage of our monthly outgoings, before doing the weekly ‘big shop’, plan some meals you are going to make in advance and write a list of what you need for the week ahead. Don’t be tempted by too many ‘special offers’ either, they may make you buy things you don’t really need or won’t eat. Avoid offers such as buy 2 get a 3rd free, the original price is factored into the offer and may be higher than it ordinarily would be, also ask yourself - do I really need three of these?  

Once you have got everything on your list, resist the temptation of point of sale items such as chocolate bars and DVD, this will help you save calories and pennies.


Do some DIY
The UK is a nation of obsessive DIYers, and while it is possible to save money or expensive call out or hiring a handyman, botched jobs will end up costing you more in the long run. For around £100 you can take a course to improve the skills you need to tackle household repairs.  

Don’t be tempted to make ‘improvements’ to your home whilst under the influence of alcohol though, as 3.3million Brits admitted to doing in a recent survey!

Give up smoking
Not to mention the health implications of smoking (around 114,000 people die every year from smoking-related illnesses), kicking the habit to the curb can save you serious amounts of money too. A 20-a-day habit costs you nearly £2,000 a year, not exactly small change, so give smoking the cold shoulder!


Book early
If you are looking to travel abroad then book your flights as soon as possible, prices on budget airline websites can rise on an almost-daily basis. So plan ahead, and book as far in advance as possible.

The same goes with trains, booking your train tickets in advance can save you significant amounts. For example, an open return from London to Essex, will cost you £30-35 if you buy from the station on the day, but will be £15-18 if you buy two singles in advance online. A saving not be sniffed at.  

Don’t pay for full price for attractions
Websites such as lastminute.com regularly have great deals for London theatre shows and theme parks across the UK. Often these theatre deals include a two-course meal for less than £20 per person, a saving of up to £60 per person!

Save money on your insurance
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Richard Anthony