15 July 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Monday, July 15, 2013
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Festivals are a major part of the great British summer, but it seems that Brits are not fully aware of the risks they might be taking with their possessions.

New research has found that 16% of festival-goers have had something lost, stolen or damaged at an event in the past - and at some festivals the rate is growing fast.

Bestival posted the biggest rise in thefts. In total, 400 separate incidents were reported to the police, a huge 228% increase from the previous year. In comparison, while 207% more thefts were disclosed at the smaller Latitude festival than in 2011, when just 86 similar incidents occurred.

Second and third place went to Reading and Download with 176 and 159 cases respectively, while V Festival in Staffordshire and Wireless were also danger zones.

In contrast, V Festival in Essex demonstrated a 43% decrease in theft incidents, showing that some fans are thinking carefully about protecting their belongings.

There is no way of fully securing a tent, so festival-goers are advised to take a minimum of valuables such as jewelry, I-pods, or expensive cameras. Using a pad-lock only suggested to would-be thieves that there is something worth stealing in your tent too.    
You may not be aware that you can cover your personal belongs and any 'goods away from home' with personal possessions insurance, which covers your valuables while on holiday or at events such as festivals. 
“It boils down to common sense in many ways. In any crowded place, guard your property – wallets, phones and any important items to you,” says Dion Clements of Sundown Festival, where last year a man was found to have 20 stolen mobile phones hidden under tights in his trousers.   
Simple measures such as keeping valuables in a zipped bag, rather than in a back pocket, can also help to deter thieves. 
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Richard Anthony