05 June 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, June 05, 2013
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Lofts in British houses are home to a plethora of toys and collectibles, a study shows.

Brits are stashing millions of toys and collectibles in their lofts, in the hope they could rise in value one day.

Attics and loft spaces around the UK house items worth around £584, according to research from Zurich.

But many savvy Brits are hoping that figure will increase over time. Even though half said they still owned the items for sentimental reasons, one in five claimed they held on to old items in case they became valuable in a few years’ time.

Dolls were the most common toys hiding in UK lofts. Brits have hidden away a number of Barbies equal to a third of the UK population, resting alongside a cohort of Action Men larger than all of China’s armed forces.

In addition, the nation is storing 83,387 miles of Scalextric track - enough to send a train around the circumference of the earth three and a half times.

When it came to film and TV merchandise, more than half of Brits admitted to keeping some Star Wars paraphernalia, while Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings took second and third place.

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