30 May 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Thursday, May 30, 2013
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Recent reports show that a vast number of pet owners are turning to alternative therapies to cure their ailing pets. Protecting your pets has proved to be an issue of growing importance in recent times, be it for peace of mind to protect your four-legged loved ones, or for protection for yourself when a pet turns vicious.

Many owners are turning to treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy in an attempt to cure sick cats and dogs. While owners in search of pet insurance must be careful, considering that not all quotes will cover such therapies, it is an addition to the long list of evidence to show that owners are treating their pets more and more like humans, which means they should be looking to insure them too.

Asking owners to consider the possibility of losing their pet, either to illness, loss, theft, or the law as a result of an attack or accident is a difficult subject to broach. However evidence shows that 250,000 cats and dogs go missing every year, and a 1 pet every hour is put down in the UK, proving just how important it is to seek cover.

Evidence of a strong connection with our pets is a repeated source of news material, with the recent story of the extreme measures one Barnsley resident went to, to recover her dog Angel at the end of last year. Dawn Maw, 42 took out a second mortgage of £160,000 on the home she shared with her husband and children in order to raise the £10,000 reward she would offer to the person who returned her lost dog.

This is not to mention the insistence by many to maintain ownership of potentially dangerous animals as pets. Numbers show that eight people, including six children have died as a result of dog attacks since 2007. In many cases the animal in question is put down, at the expense of the owner, but this is not always the case. A recent report singled Dangerous Dog Laws as ‘still too weak’ and measures must be taken to further the enforcement of the laws.

The proposed amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act would see impetus placed more with the owner, than with a particular breed of animal, so owners thinking just because they don’t own a Pit-bull or a Staffordshire terrier (two breeds reportedly associated with attacks) then they are not in any danger, are wrong to assume. Insuring your pet with a comprehensive quote which covers third party costs in the event of an attack or accident would be a wise investment, especially with acts such as these coming into effect.

Pet insurance cover not only prevents unwanted costs in the event of loss or legal issues, but also covers vet bills should your pet fall ill or be involved in an accident. Finding an insurance company with a high margin for covering any unforeseen vet’s bills - which can run into the thousands - is essential for owners who love their pets as if they were a family member.  

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David Steedman