15 May 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
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 A weaker pound is pushing up fuel prices for British drivers abroad, a new report shows.

Tourists who choose to drive on their European holidays are facing higher fuel bills, as the Post Office has found that petrol is become less affordable for Brits on the Continent.

Unleaded petrol has risen by 9p per litre year-on-year in Spain, according to the Motoring on the Continent report, and by 7p per litre in France.

Since more than half of the holidaymakers in the study had driven in France and four out of ten had driven in Spain, it seems as though a high proportion of British motorists are facing hefty bills at the pump.

Local price rises are unlikely to be behind the rise, as the Post Office found that fuel had actually become cheaper in more than half of the surveyed countries. Instead, the relative weakness of the pound had pushed up prices for Brits, making 1,000 miles on unleaded petrol an average of £19 more expensive.

Norway remains the costliest place to drive, though, with an average price of £1.79 per litre.

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