28 May 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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Many British tourists agree with the stereotypes of Brits abroad, a new poll shows.

Socks and sandals and hankies tied around foreheads - just some of the stereotypes associated with Brits abroad. But it seems that UK tourists often agree with these commonly held perceptions.

A new poll from ABTA shows that more than one in eight Brits accepts that their countrymen and women dress badly on holiday.

 That might seem fairly innocent, but travellers believe some of the less pleasant stereotypes too - 15 per cent agree that British holidaymakers are unwilling to try new things such as foreign food. A similar number accepted that Brits are stingy when it comes to leaving tips.

Nearly a third think their compatriots are rude when they’re abroad - and more than a quarter believe that Brits can be rowdy when they are drunk.

But it seems that Brits believe the most accurate stereotype is the tourist who refuses to learn the local language. Just under two-thirds of the travellers polled said that Brits really did speak English to all of the locals.

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