26 April 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Friday, April 26, 2013
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Passengers can be a real problem for British drivers, it has been revealed, as four-in-ten complain of being distracted.

Having passengers can cause real problems for many motorists, it has emerged, after a new survey found that the presence of another person in the car distracts four out of ten Brits from watching the road.

The biggest distractions passengers bring are backseat driving and unruly children, each of which affected nearly two out of five motorists, according to the study by Admiral. Nevertheless, nearly a third found that even chatting to a passenger diverted their attention from the road.

Perhaps this is why nearly a quarter feel more nervous when they have passengers with them - and four out of ten admit that they would rather be alone behind the wheel.

There can be consequences to dealing with these distractions, too. One in six of the drivers surveyed had suffered an accident or had a near miss as a result of a lapse in their attention - some of whom had rather colourful stories to tell.

One driver reported being poked in the eye by a friend while they were at the wheel, while another reckless passenger had pulled up the handbrake without the driver’s knowledge.

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