18 April 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Thursday, April 18, 2013
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London’s major airports are set for a major shake-up in their regulations as new pricing mechanisms are introduced.

Three of the UK’s largest airports are set for a major shake-up in their pricing structures, reports suggest.

Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted are expected to see big changes to financial regulations, according to the Daily Telegraph.

On April 30th the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is expected to announce its first thoughts on maximum landing charges per passenger for the next five-year regulatory period.

Under the plans, the Telegraph reports, Stansted’s out-of-date regulations are set to be replaced, while Gatwick will enjoy the freedom to make more commercial deals. Heathrow, meanwhile, is likely to be told to cut a landing charge rise of nearly six per cent per passenger above inflation which has drawn heavy criticism from airlines.

Travellers are likely to enjoy lower fares, or at least smaller price hikes, as a result of the regulatory changes - but CAA is keenly aware of the need to encourage investment in the UK’s biggest airports with the promise of healthy profit margins.

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