19 April 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Friday, April 19, 2013
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Fraudsters are potentially conning tourists out of millions of pounds every year, according to a new report.

Brits are potentially losing millions every year as a result of holiday booking fraud, a new report shows.

Airline bookings, group tours and accommodation are among the most common scams, according to the research carried out by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

Booking fraud occurs when travellers pay out for elements of their holidays only to discover that they either do not exist or the booking was never made. Fake websites, email scams and false advertising are all among the tools they use to lure unwary holidaymakers.

Nearly 1,000 cases were reported last year where Brits found themselves stranded abroad with nowhere to stay, lost out on big tours and excursions, or even got to the airport to find their entire holiday never existed - at a total cost of around £1.5 million.

The research was undertaken in partnership with travel association ABTA, Get Safe Online and Action Fraud, who have published guides on how travellers can protect themselves against holiday fraud.

One of the key recommendations the organisations make is to research service providers carefully before booking - failure to do so puts tourists at significantly greater risk.

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