27 April 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Saturday, April 27, 2013
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One in five cyclists is not seen by British drivers, a new study reveals.

British motorists fail to see a fifth of all cyclists, according to new research, making it safer to be a jaywalker than to ride a bike.

Research from a leading insurer used eye-tracking technology to monitor the behaviour of UK drivers and found that they missed 22 per cent of cyclists and 15 per cent of those on motorbikes, even when they were in clear view.

In contrast, motorists missed just four per cent of those who walked across roads without using a crossing.

London bikers fared the worst, as drivers in the capital failed to spot as many as three out of ten cyclists. By contrast, Sheffield was far safer for cyclists - though 15 per cent were still missed by travellers in their cars.

Drivers who used sat navs were also less likely to spot bicycle users than those who did not, and women were less observant than men.

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