27 March 2013

Posted by Discount Insurance on Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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With Easter weekend just around the corner, Brits are finally starting to turn their thoughts to spring. The weather might not be living up to expectations, but but it’s that time of year when many Brits start thinking about those long-awaited home improvements.

Whether it’s a conservatory or extension or just putting up the odd shelf, projects big and small come with the risk of something going wrong. Lots of Brits have a story about a DIY disaster, and while you can’t always prevent problems arising, it’s important to know you can fix them if they do.

Making sure you have the right home insurance is always a must if you’re planning a few changes - and buildings and contents cover are both essential.

When it comes to home improvements, though, many buildings policies will not cover this as standard. Look into your options for accidental damage and similar problems, as you may be able to opt in to make sure you’re protected.

Contents insurance deals with everything within the property - furniture, clothes, electrical appliances and the rest of your possessions. Although it is not compulsory to have this type of policy, objects covered by contents insurance tend to be far more easily damaged as a result of smaller accidents during home improvements. Since collectively they are probably worth quite a large amount, it’s a good idea to calculate the rough value of what you own and take out a policy that you know will protect it all.

Beyond your fixtures and fittings, you may even be able to cover the contents of your garden, from lawnmowers and tools to trampolines, though this may cost extra.

Many policies will cover individual items up to a set amount, but you may have the option of naming more valuable items in your policy. When it comes to your real prized possessions, it’s worth taking photos, keeping proof of purchase if you have it and even getting them independently valued before adding them to your policy, so you’re certain that insurance will be prepared to replace your special items. Some items have a habit of creeping up in value, too, so it’s worth checking every now and then to make sure expensive collectables are always safeguarded.

Of course, if you’re planning on leaving the DIY for a while and jetting off for a last-minute break over the bank holiday, your contents insurance may also cover some listed items if they get lost or damaged away from home.

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